Adventure Game Fans Might Not Mind the Chaos of Chaos Minders

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Chaos Minders
Developer: Acvenco Systems Ltd.
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Chaos MindersIf you’re in the market for a platform adventure game for your iPhone and think a Mario meets Fruit Ninja hybrid sounds fun, then check out Chaos Minders. A unique platform adventure game starring Crawford the chaos minding explorer, Chaos Minders is all about concentration and quick reflexes. With side-scrolling action, players jump and slash their way to further adventures and even a bit of storyline revelation along the way.

Chaos Minders is Game Center integrated and features high score competitions and game achievements, as well as Facebook and Twitter sharing. As you help Crawford navigate the jungles of whatever chaos he’s in the midst of, you are playing for higher scores and level completion.

The highlight of Chaos Minders is its unique gameplay that combines precision timing, jumping action and slashing to destroy enemies and obstacles. The gameplay isn’t complicated, but there is a definite learning curve involved and impatient players may find themselves struggling to retain interest. Fortunately, if you stick it out, you notice that there’s a pattern to gameplay that helps speed things up a bit.

To foster the recurrence of frustration during the learning curve Chaos Minders is unfortunately built on a no lives, no health meter policy, which means one hit and you’re done. In the beginning, it takes several tries to get the feel of gameplay and since you can only die and start over, frustration is eminent. If the game principle had been based on either multiple lives or at least a health meter, it would have a much friendlier feel.

Still, despite some minor though obvious flaws, Chaos Minders has some solidly positive features including the animation and sound. The control response is fairly decent and works in cooperation with the strategy of mastering timing to complete a level. There appears to be ten levels built in to four different chapters, with the promise of at least one more to come, so on top of originality, more points can be awarded for continuous improvement.

Chaos Minders is definitely not a pick-up-and-play game, but at the same time, merely requires commitment to master. Though not difficult, it’s a potentially frustrating game that simultaneously has solid potential to become a favorite if you enjoy the combined arcade action of jumping and slashing. Forty fun-filled adventure levels await, each with their own unique challenge – providing you can make it past the first level before giving up.

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