Check-4 is a Fun New Take on Tic-Tac-Toe

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Developer: Ken Price
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Check 4 gameCheck-4 is a great new take on the old tic-tac-toe game. With more versatility and far more challenging gameplay, this multi-player puzzle game offers fun for young and old and allows single-player and multi-player games with both human and AI players.

Check-4 is the first app store release by developer NetVirtue, Inc. and the backstory of the game adds to its enjoyment. The game was first perceived by the developer in the early 1980s when he was a teenager. Over twenty years later an old envelope with the original drawings turned up again, right around the time the app store opened and while NetVirtue, Inc. is working on launching, the iPhone seemed like a perfect platform for Check-4, the game's original title.

Check-4 is easy to pick up but three difficulty levels make mastering it a challenge. There are two different gameplays — squares and lines. In squares the player has to form squares with the selected shape (either cross, circle, square, or triangle) and the bigger the square, the more points are achieved.

Lines is very similar with the player trying to get as many horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines as possible. Again the longer the lines, the more points you get. You can either play against other human players (up to four players max) or play against the computer and the development of the AI levels is suitable to the three difficulty levels, which makes Check-4 accessible for young and old and players of all expertise levels. The size of the play fields on the board can also be selected, allowing for further levels of gameplay.

With a good interface and fitting sound effects, Check-4 puts a new spin on the tic-tac-toe game. And with numerous options and practically two gameplay selections, the game offers versatility and challenge and is a great new addition to addicting puzzle games available at the app store.

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  • Ken Price


    Thanks for the nice review and glad you liked the back story. It's nice to see something I thought of as a kid come to life.

    I really hope people enjoy playing Check-4 :-)