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Checkbook HD - Personal Finance
Developer: iBear LLC
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The New Year brings all sorts of things to mind such as giving more attention to being physically fit. Of course, don't forget being fiscally fit too. Budgeting is or should be a key factor in anyone's resolution and one such app that can help is Checkbook HD from iBearSoft.

One of the most important features of the app is its ability to import the OFX file automatically or manually from the user's bank. The reason this is key is that any resolution that sticks is mostly due to the simplicity of the task and importing from the bank is always helpful.

From the bank, the user can directly import their banking records, schedule recurring transactions such as mortgage, auto and mobile payments into Checkbook HD. Well, let's be honest, there's nothing recurring about mobile payments as they always seem to fluctuate throughout the year no matter the plan or the carrier. 

Beyond importing is the ability to sync data between devices. This becomes essential in a multiple iDevice household. For instance, my wife has an iPhone and I have an iPhone and iPad and we share a banking account so being able to sync between data entries is essential.

Checkbook HD easily syncs with any account and acts exactly like a regular checkbook. The user inputs the accounts one by one and sets their current balance. It's also color coated in that the data can be marked green for everyday transactions and blue for recurring.

While the developer marks it as a stylish luxurious design, I'd have to say it's more useful than snazzy, but that's not a bad thing. I'll take function over form any day, but don't tell my college design professor that I said anything remotely close to that.

After adding the accounts in the "shelves", the next step is to start adding transactions and shortly after the user will be able to see them in a nice and neat chart layout, which are navigable between recurring and regular transactions, as well as between bar and pie charts.

Overall, I'd have to say this is one of the most elegant and simple checkbook apps I've used. By simply adding the automatic OFX import feature the developers were on the right track, but the other features such as easy data input, export to HTML and CSV as well as secure privacy protection with customizable PIN code makes Checkbook HD an easy recommendation. And the fact that the user can sync data between devices makes it even easier to say it's a must buy.

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