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Checkin King
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Checkin King for iOSCheckin King provides a simple, yet essential, service for anyone looking to bridge the gap between the multitudes of social media outlets we use on a daily basis. Checkin King allows users to “check-in” using one simple app instead of having to fumble through various social media tools.

Checkin King allows users to check in to Facebook, Foursquare, and Google Places all at once.

"Checking-in," for those readers that are not familiar with the term, is when you post your current location on a social media tool. It has also become a requirement for avid social media users. There are times when I am out for dinner, where I will check into all of my social media outlets before I even begin to think about eating.

Sharing your every move has become a way of life, and Checkin King makes it so much easier to manage all of your social media check-ins.

Checkin King is easy to use and will drastically speed up the process of checking-in to a location. The app uses GPS to automatically find where you are and display near by locations for you to check-in to. Once you decide where you want to check-in to, Checkin King will let you write a message and post it to all three social media outlets if you choose.

The app is indispensable for those high volume social media users. But there were a couple of small issues I noticed with Checkin King that I would love to see fixed.

First, the fact that you can only check into three social media outs is disappointing. Of the three social media outlets that are integrated into the app, I only use one — but overall I use four other social media tools. Checkin King would be a far superior app, if it eventually includes all the other social media outlets that are in the market.

The second issue I noticed was that you cannot add locations to check-in to. If for some reason the location you are trying to check-in to is not loaded into the Checkin King data base then you cannot check-in. Facebook has the capability to add check-in locations and I would love to see the app integrate a similar system.

Checkin King is a great app if you are a Facebook, Foursquare or Google Places user, and will save you a lot of time with the checking-in process. Overall I thought the app was great, but needs to expand its social media data base in order to accommodate more users.

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