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Checkmark for iOS 1Checkmark is one of those productivity apps that make you wonder how the world even functioned before the smartphones. Checkmark is a ‘to-do’ list app that is so elegantly designed and easy to use that you may never need another reminder app. It is a basic to-do application that provides location and time based reminders from your phone.

You begin using the Checkmark app by setting your most frequented locations such as work, home or the gym, into the system. Once you have a few locations set in the app you can begin using Checkmark reminders to help make your everyday life so much easier. So if you set up a reminder to do laundry it will go off once you enter the radius of house, or you can even delay the Checkmark reminder for a set amount of time after you enter your house. 

Checkmark lets you set up a radius of 100, 150, 300, 800 or 1600 feet from your desired location, and once you enter that location your alarm will sound. You can delay the alarm a set amount of time, say 30 minutes after you enter your house so you can rest a bit before you are reminded that laundry needs to be done.

Checkmark also offers the traditional time based remainders where you input a time or a date, and you can switch between both versions with ease. The location based reminders are a fantastic tool to use and make running errands so much easier. I thoroughly enjoyed using the app by imputing a to-do list based on different locations and letting the app tell me which errands to run based on which location was closest to me at the time. The app uses your GPS system to find your current location, and while it does not give you a map to your next reminder, it will tell you which one is the closest to you.

I set up a Checkmark reminder to pick up cookies while I was shopping the other day and had a 30 minute delay just in case I forgot, and while I was in line the reminder went off and saved the day because wouldn’t you know it, I had forgotten to get the cookies.

Checkmark is a well made and beautifully designed take on the traditional reminder app. It is easy to use and the location based reminders are convenient tool to have. Overall I loved the app and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a well made and easy to use to-list app.

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