Chili Pepper Blackjack Brings Spicy Casino Action

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Chili Pepper Blackjack - Maybe you just saw the movie 21 and think you're ready to break Vegas. Or, you are looking for another game to get addicted to on your iPhone and burn through some battery life. Either way, you will have a great time with Chili Pepper Blackjack. It is a solid offering from Fat Free Games. There is a mix of excellent graphics and interactive gameplay to get you hooked. And at least addiction to this game means you will only be out the $2.99 it costs at the App Store.

There are two modes — online and offline. Playing online means starting a free account with Fat Free Games so you can compete with other players over the network. A link to sign up for an account is embedded in the app. Blackjack does not lend itself to the same interactive fun as Texas Hold 'em because you're always playing against the house. But since there is no money on the line, maybe the thrill of competition and showing up your fellow opponents will give you sufficient cause to feel competitive.

Chili Pepper Blackjack's offline mode is just as much fun. You can pick up the game fairly quickly, especially if you do not live in a cavern and have played blackjack before. Chili Pepper Blackjack is laid out in landscape mode, with a series of buttons on the right side of the screen where you can tap if you want to hit, stay, double down, etc. When you bet it is as simple as a matter of tapping and holding the chips so you can slide them over to the right spot on the table. Playing solo was not as fun as playing against others; as the extra players mixed up the gameplay and required additional strategy to watch how the others fared with their cards.

The only drawback with Chili Pepper Blackjack is that unless you are a huge blackjack aficionado this app will not have the same holding power as some of the other casino apps. Even the odd Burning Monkey Casino offers a larger variety of games to mix up the environment. But if blackjack is your thing, Chili Pepper Blakjack is a worthy app to have.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • rxCaptain

    Black Jack! The most played video poker game in the world

  • Damien

    I have made over $15,000 playing blackjack over my life's course!! But I've lost more than triple that =(

  • kkstern

    Thats a shame Damien..

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