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Chimps Ahoy! Lite (AppStore Link)
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Chimps Ahoy! Lite
Developer: Foundation 9 Entertainment, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

If you've ever played Arkanoid or Breakout, you'll get the point of Chimps Ahoy right away. The main difference between those iconic games and Chimps Ahoy is that with Chimps Ahoy you're controlling "bumpers" or chimps on both sides of the screen. In that sense, it's Arkanoid crossed with Pong (I'm showing my age with a Pong reference).

The chimps bounce coconuts back and forth across the screen, destroying various blocks, barrels, and other obstacles until the screen is clear. If the coconut goes off either side of the screen, you lose a life.

Chimps Ahoy is easily the most entertaining game I've played on the iPhone to date. The graphics, sound and gameplay are all world-class for a portable gaming device. I will definitely be buying the paid version to uh, "review" it for the next few hours. Kudos to Griptonite Games for putting out such a superior product.

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