Chippy Feels Like an Old-School Game

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

chippy iphone appWhat would happen if you armed a chipmunk? Chippy is a cute woodland creature who shoots arrows at balls in this new iPhone game from Cramzy.

Chippy feels old-school, though I am not convinced it is in a good way. Chippy has a rather slow and unsophisticated feel, kind of like playing the original Mario. Compared to iPhone games where you can move the characters by tilting or dragging them, Chippy feels klunky and arcade-like when you press the left, right and shoot buttons on the bottom of the screen. When Chippy shoots, the arrows fly to zap the bouncing balls in what feels like slow motion.

Chippy has 18 levels of increasing difficulty, with varying obstacles and bonuses on each level. Being uncoordinated, I could not get past level two and I grew weary of watching the chipmunk die repeatedly on the same level. My gaming friend got to level six on her first try, thank goodness, because she unlocked other levels for me which helped me keep my interest in Chippy.

Chippy’s sound track is exceptionally groovy. In the first six levels, five of the screens play different grooves. My favorite so far is level two which has a funky banjo riff.

The only intolerable thing about Chippy is the way the chipmunk lets out a blood-curdling scream when he gets hit by a ball. It is downright irritating, and frankly not child-friendly. Chippy’s scream even scared my wimpy dog who moved to cower under a table.

My conclusion about Chippy is that if you reminisce about old-school arcade games, Chippy will feed your need. Chippy is cute and dangerous (if only to the balls), which is everything you would expect from an adventurous chipmunk.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Iliya Yordanov

    Dear readers,

    Thank you for your interest at Chippy.
    I am Iliya Yordanov from, and I wanted to share some curious information with you:
    1. Chippy LITE is now available for free download. The LITE version features 5 levels.
    2. Chippy ver.1.1 will be released to Apple this week. The new version will include 3 new levels, online high scores and tweaked graphics.
    3.We will be adding tilt control for one of the upcoming updates of Chippy.

    Best Regards,