Christmas Elf Gets You into the Holiday Spirit

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

christmas elf iphoneLooking for a fun game that goes well with the upcoming season? Christmas Elf is easy to pick up, has really nice christmasy music and you can play Santa's helper in this cute Christmas addition to the App Store.

German developer Ambertation has created a Christmas-themed puzzle game that will have the user assist Santa by decorating Christmas trees, packing his sleigh, or positioning twinkling stars on the sky. Christmas Elf's objective is to catch the floating objects and place them with the corresponding pieces on the screen. As you reach higher levels, the game's pace picks up fairly quickly and it becomes a race against time with already-placed objects breaking free if you take too long.

Christmas Elf is accompanied by nice Christmas-style music that is unobtrusive and pleasant. The game's graphics are also well done and fitting to the holiday spirit. The three difficulty levels make Christmas Elf accessible to all ages and both the inexperienced and experienced player. The three themes (stars, Christmas tree, and sleigh) are fun but the game could offer a few more for more visual variety.

The auto-save function makes it easy to keep track of levels and a small number on the game's icon on the home screen shows what level you are on. Another option allows for scores to be shared and compared online to see who is the best elf out there.

Christmas Elf offers fun gameplay and Ambertation definitely got the holiday mood right for this game. More varied themes would add to its replay value but the game is fun and addictive and can take your mind off the actual Santa tasks, like Christmas shopping.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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