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Christmas List
Developer: Better Day Wireless, Inc.
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Even with its joyful holiday feelings and cheer, Christmas can also be a pretty stressful time of year. For those of us for which this is true Christmas List by Better Day Wireless may be just the thing to help calm the holiday shopping storm this season.

Basically, Christmas List is an app that will help you to better organize your Christmas shopping list. First, you enter in the people you need to buy for, what you need to buy for them, and how much you are willing to spend in the Add section. You can choose to add people by typing them in or by getting them out of your contacts. There is also a Notes section here in case you need to write down any personalized specifics about each gift listed.

Once you have added your list of people with what you are going to buy for them they will appear in your over all Christmas List. This list is basically an overview of all your holiday shopping — everything that you need to buy and everything that you have bought already. Here there are tabs that you can click next to each person to indicate whether you have purchased, wrapped, or sent the items on your list. This aspect is particularly helpful if you find yourself in a pinch when you have to really prioritize your time.

Christmas List even has a Shopping List section that shows you exactly what you have left to buy. In this section each gift is listed next to the amount you budgeted to spend on it. There is also an overall budget at the top that includes all the gifts in the list so that you have a better idea of how much you have left to spend. One very special feature in this section is that you can choose to click the shopping cart next to the item and immediately be linked to a page where you can find the exact gift you are looking to purchase. For example, under for a gift listed as "Thomas-hat" the shopping cart will direct you to a PriceGrabber page that lists a number of different men's hats. This way you can not only manage your holiday list with Christmas List but you can actually shop as well.

With a constant count down to Christmas day everything seems to be right in order with this helpful holiday app. As a bonus, there is also a password feature available to protect against anyone looking to take a peek at what they might be getting this year. The only issue that I could find is that when you choose to use PriceGrabber you exit the app and have to reenter to get back to your Christmas List. Other than that, Christmas List is a perfect app to help you get through your holiday shopping with ease.

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    It be a greater sales if price lower as this app is a seasonal needs to push sales.

  • greta

    what app is this?