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Chronic Pain Tracker
Developer: Chronic Stimulation, LLC
Price: $6.99 Download on the App Store

chronic pain tracker iphoneSince healthcare professionals are telling the general public to become more involved with their own healthcare all the time, why not use technology to make involvement simpler. An addition to a handful of other iPhone apps that allow users to track specific medical information, Chronic Pain Tracker is a fairly comprehensive app that helps track chronic pain by providing users with an easy way to create a log with details of their ailment.

Chronic Pain Tracker provides both a summary of pain as well as a history of entries, which could prove quite useful to a doctor or chiropractor. Users can make detailed entries that include anatomical graphics, a pain rating scale, pain descriptors, and specific user notes. Each saved entry is tracked by date and time and consolidated into a report format showing the daily overview, as well as weekly. At a glance, you can see the number of entries for each day, week, or up to the past 90 days, or view a more detailed history of all entries.

Chronic Pain Tracker entries are created by choosing pain descriptors from a provided list, rating the pain on the same 1 to 10 scale used in most hospitals, and completing a “pain drawing” by tapping on the anatomical body, which takes users to a new screen where the pain location can be marked or mapped. The entry can then be saved and a time and date stamp will automatically be applied to the entry. Custom pain descriptors can also be created in settings and notes or comments about the entry can be made.

Revisiting the pain summary under weekly views provides a very comprehensive overview of the user’s entries, including tracking the overall percentage of pain descriptors, an animation of pain location, and the severity of the pain. With Chronic Pain Tracker users can even export this information in the form of an email, making it easy to share with their pain management specialist.

Overall, Chronic Pain Tracker is quite a comprehensive application that could certainly aid anyone suffering from chronic pain in their record keeping. If your doctor has asked you to keep a pain log or diary, Chronic Pain Tracker is worth checking out. It's a bit pricy, but appears to be the most comprehensive pain log yet available. You can explore some of the features for free with Chronic Pain Tracker Lite, though not all of the full version features are available. For an easy way to track and create a recorded history of pain to share with your healthcare provider, Chronic Pain Tracker does a pretty good job.

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  • Barbara Aguila

    Need updating on the price of the full version - itunes has it for $14.99

  • Mike

    Is there a app like this for android?? would be mutch appriciated!

  • _damon

    Really? As a chronic pain sufferer, I can assure you that this app is hardly usable. The developer upped the price to 15$ and hasn't updated since January. . If you need a good pain tracker, try My Pain Diary on the iPhone. It's far better than this one.

  • Life Control Software

    The most effective pain mgmt. app to record, track, analyze, & share your pain for Android is Manage My Pain. It offers the following features:

    • a proven pain description methodology
    • quick and simple ways to record pain
    • the ability to graph, chart, and view pain records
    • generate reports with summary, details, and stats
    • view and share reports
    • backup and restore capabilities