Chuck The Ball: Soccer-themed Puzzle Game Hits A Wall

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Chuck the Ball
Developer: Makeshift Games
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MakeShift Games presents Chuck the Ball. It’s a puzzle game where the main character is a soccer ball. His mission is to collect all of the stars in the level. Chuck must make it through all kinds of perilous mazes and traps. Be careful to avoid hazards like holes and walls. Chuck the Ball is a game that lets your finger do all the work.

Here’s how you play. Start by touching the square you’d like the arrow in. Then swipe your finger in the direction you’d like the arrow to point. The fewer arrows you use the higher your score. You can place arrows on the screen anytime you like. The faster you get through the level the higher your score.

Chuck The Ball has 100 levels of mazes with three difficulty levels. This makes it pretty challenging for the both the casual and serious game player. It has very rich colorful graphics with lots of details. The sound in the game isn’t over the top or cheesy. In fact, it’s pretty consistent with what you’d expect from a puzzle game about the adventures of a soccer ball. It’s upbeat and cheerful.

Chuck the ball is a good, quality game but its largest problem is user control. Users do not directly control the ball. You place the arrows down and as Chuck moves through the maze he follows your arrows to pick up the stars.

It's difficult to get the game to do what you want it to do 100 percent of the time. This can be really frustrating given that time and the amount of arrows you put down heavily impact your score. I wish there was a way to play in free mode without using the arrows. The game would move much faster and it’d hold my attention longer than a few minutes.

Chuck the Ball can provide a several minutes or hours of fun, depending on how much time you have. Overall, it has good graphics, great sound and animation. But, Chuck's still a single character game without the ability to challenge other users or very many playing options.

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  • makeshift games

    Thanks for the review! We've worked hard to actually take care of the issues you list with the game.

    Although we didn't change the game controls (placing arrows in front of Chuck) we did add a bunch of new gameplay modes.

    Version 1.1 (out now) has a "Free Play" mode that allows you to just relax and play the game without worrying about beating the clock. Chuck is also a bit slower so that players can learn the gameplay easily.

    Version 1.2 is currently in review at apple and will include an all new LEVEL EDITOR! Players can create their own levels. They can even submit their levels to us and we'll include user submitted levels in future updates.

    Should be a pretty fun way to make Chuck a single character game and WILL challenge friends and family with lots of playing options :)


  • makeshift games

    Chuck the Ball v1.2 is out now!

    New level editor, improved menus, and a smaller footprint make it a must have!

    Check out the new features:

  • makeshift games

    We're proud to announce an all new companion game to Chuck the Ball - Ms. Chuck the Ball!

    It might look similar to Chuck but it's a whole new game with new controls, new puzzles, and a much more relaxed scoring.

    We've also lowered the price of both games to only ¢99!

    Check out for a gameplay video and a link to the app store.