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Cinefy - Special FX Studio (AppStore Link)
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Cinefy - Special FX Studio
Developer: App Creation Network LLC
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Cinefy for iOSWe all have a bit of James Francis Cameron inside of us. Be it a small little itch that makes you want to become a CGI director after seeing a summer blockbuster or just our insatiable appetite for wanting more zombie and alien movies ... we all want to be directors. However, it's difficult to raise $500 million when a home video of your dog is all you have in your reel. So why not pay a dollar and try out Cinefy? It probably won't make you a billionaire, but you'll have a lot of fun using it.

I'm not sure how the developers did it, but using Cinefy is extremely easy. A tutorial video would have been nice, but it's not essential. Right out of the package, the video editing app displays a timeline that allows you to add video, effects and audio. Now, I'm used to using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, so I had already made up my mind that this app was going to lack any real capabilities. I was wrong and pleasantly surprised at its ability to turn my lackluster iPhone videos into epic Hollywood-esque videos. 

Look at all the handheld type movies that have done well in theaters ... "The Blair Witch Project," "Paranormal Activity," etc. There's nothing in these movies that you couldn't do with Cinefy. Of course, you still have to have a story. And even if you don't, you can just throw in one of the app's many effects, such as explosions, alien attacks, lighting strikes and dinosaurs. In my opinion, every movie needs a big T-Rex chasing down someone. Epic.

As for editing video within Cinefy, again, it does this very well and is pretty smart about it too. Say you add a 30-second video clip in, but also add a 2-minute long audio clip. Well, you can edit down the audio clip to fit the shorter video clip and instead of having to scrub through the entire thing it speeds up because it knows what you're doing. Seems obvious, but so many apps miss those little details that make the user experience so much better.

Overall, I'd have to say that Cinefy is a must-have video effects app for any aspiring viral video editor looking to make a splash on YouTube and become the next breakout sensation. Of course, it's also a lot of fun inserting aliens into a video of your 2-year-old daughter and showing her later and then her asking who that was in the video. (Note to self, it wasn't very funny to her.)

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