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Developer: Advanced Image Direct
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When everyone's got a camera in their pocket, it seems old-school and impersonal to send a mass-produced greeting card. Advanced Image Direct knows the importance of personalized service and their latest product hopes to help them expand their well-established custom mail services. The Cloud2You mobile app connects iPhone and iPad users with the Cloud2You network for sending photo greeting cards quickly and easily.

It's extremely straightforward. Simply open the app, add an image, add a message, and Cloud2You will mail a custom 5x7 greeting card via First Class postage to your family member, friend, colleague or client in no time. It's an efficient way to send personalized mail from your iOS device, and could easily tempt some people to abandon buying store bought cards for good.

When choosing an image, you have the option of taking a new picture or grabbing something from your photo library. You can also do some minor editing, such as cropping, but don't expect photo filters or fancy effects. If you plan on doing any real photo editing, you'll need to do that in another app so plan accordingly.

While the idea of using one's iPhone to create and mail custom greeting isn't entirely unique, Cloud2You has an advantage over previous apps entering this market in that they've been in the direct mail game for a long time. In addition the iOS app, Cloud2You has a SalesForce app allowing clients of the popular CRM software to send postcards and greeting cards for prices as low as $0.59! I hope they bring the postcard options to the iPhone app in a future update.

The app is free to download and pricing for the cards is quite reasonable at $1.99. Even the cheap cards at my local Target cost $1.49 add in the cost of the stamp, and well, Cloud2You costs about the same only it's personalized and the "handwriting" is neater. The app offers bulk pricing if you're sending a lot of photos, or if this is something you want to use as a promotion for your company. Their service is also fast; I got my postcard in just a few days from submission!

In the end, you can't go wrong with Cloud2You. This app is perfect for travelers wanting to share their trip with the folks back home, family members who want to personalize everyday communication, and (Cloud2You's core customers) business people looking for a unique way to stay top of mind with their clients.

Cloud2You is compatible with all iOS devices that have a camera, running iOS 4.3 or later.

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  • harry

    can this app be used to send greeting cards designed with some other software. As the app have one card size as mentioned by you so I would like to use it for those sized cards but if I like to make greeting card in some other size then can I do it using my previous greeting card software which offers multiple sizes I mean I want to give a try to your app as well but want to integrate its features to send cards via mobile with my designed cards with greeting card studio. is it possible?