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SoftLayer Mobile
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cloudLayer storage iphone appCloudLayer Storage, an app from SoftLayer Technologies, is free and includes 1GB of free storage. Everyone could use a little extra free online space, so, you figure there might be a catch. Not really.

SoftLayer Technology is in the on-demand data center and hosting services business. The company hopes that if you’ll like their iPhone app, you’ll give them all your company’s business, or something like that. There’s not much interest in little people like you and me unless we travel around in posses.

Anyway, I never know when I might need it, so I decide to take them up on the free CloudLayer Storage and the free 1GB storage. We had to scuffle a bit before we finally came to an agreement, however.

Download and launch CloudLayer Storage, then register and you’ll be able to transfer your files to the CloudLlayer storage network. Once uploaded, you can store, manage and share them either from your iPhone or iPhone touch or desktop. There’s a Windows client and there’s also WebDAV support.

Now, here’s where things went awry. I registered a few days ago, made sure CloudLayer Storage worked as described and tested how well the service worked. Almost immediately, I also forgot my login and password info.

When I tried using CloudLayer Storage again, entering the first login and password that came to mind, proved to be wrong. After that, I was stuck. I couldn’t get rid of the incorrect login and password error message that popped up every time I launched CloudLayer Storage. Hence,  because I couldn’t remember the correct combination of login in name and password, the app was essentially useless. I eventually had to uninstall and reinstall the app.

For comparison, check out’s That app is also free and comes with 1GB free storage space

It’s hard to explain the problem clearly, but I fell into this hole twice — each one was a bit different. Again, I installed and reinstalled the app. The end of the story is that CloudLayer’s navigation needs a little more polish and I need a better memory.

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