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CloudMagic Search
Developer: Webyog Inc
Price: free Download on the App Store
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CloudMagic Search Selection

CloudMagic is the free iOS app for the CloudMagic personal search service from Webyog. CloudMagic indexes your Gmail, Google Apps documents, contacts, calendar entries, and Twitter posts. Once you create an account at the CloudMagic Website via the app, you can add the various services you want to be indexed (and searchable) by CloudMagic. You don't actually give CloudMagic your login ID; instead, CloudMagic uses the Oauth service to allow access to some of your data. You can revoke access at will via the app's Settings.

Your index is stored in the cloud, on CloudMagic's servers (hence the need to create a free CloudMagic account). After indexing, which for my very large archive of email and a number Google docs took mere minutes, you can search for partial words as well as phrases. There's a service selection form accessed via an icon on the app's search field that allows you to select a specific service or media to search, or you can elect to search "Everything." The response time for searches is startlingly fast.

Twitter searches search not only your own tweets, but the tweets of those you follow. CloudMagic's Twitter searches are somewhat limited by Twitter's own limited archive—I've been on Twitter for several years, and only the last nine months seem to be archived by Twitter, which means CloudMagic can't index or search earlier tweets. Particularly nifty features of the app include searching for attachments to email based on the filename, or searching names whose spelling you don't quite remember, and CloudMagic will find even partial matches.

After selecting a search result, you can act upon the result in various ways depending on the source. Options including open in a browser, reply or forward to emails or contacts. You can chose to open Tweets in a browser, reply to them, retweet them, forward as an email, mark as a Favorite or DM the tweeter. You can choose to perform subsequent search for all replies to or all replies from a contact.

The current release for iOS CloudMagic 1.2.2 is designed for the iPhone but works well on the iPad. In fact the app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, though it requires iOS 4.0 or later. I tested it on iOS 5. Services currently supported by CloudMagic include:

  • Gmail
  • Google Apps Email
  • Google Chat, Docs, Calendar and Contacts
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft Exchange Email, Calendar and Contacts (Exchange Server 2007 and 2010)
  • Microsoft Office 365 Email, Calendar and Contacts

It's simple to associate multiple Gmail, Exchange or Twitter accounts with CloudMagic; this makes keeping your personal and work data separate but still easily searchable. I have to say, the search speed after indexing is incredible. Version 1.2.2. of CloudMagic on an iPhone 3g and a third generation iPad were both startling responsive. It would be helpful if there were some built-in help regarding search parameters; there's a link on the Settings screen to a basic FAQ, but no substantive help regarding kinds of searches. Fans of the iOS app can also use a Web browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. In fact, I'll be installing a browser extension myself after using the CloudMagic app.

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