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cloudpass password security iPhoneSecure passwords, now there is a thought. It seems that no matter what service you use there is always a chance of a password security breach. Twitter, Facebook ... it doesn't matter what you use. It's still a possibility that you'll be hacked. Look at top companies like the AP and E! Online, both hacked on Twitter and one sending the DOW down a few percentage points. These hackers are why an app such as CloudPass is the perfect service to securely store your passwords and private information.

Why trust CloudPass over the original source? It's not that any one thing that it does is better than how the above mentioned companies handle their login and passwords. It's more that CloudPass does a number of security measures to keep your accounts locked down and only accessible to you.

For instance, the security app securely stores all of your passwords in iCloud and encrypts it at all times, which makes it readable only using your master password. Furthermore, they do not store your master password so nobody, but you can recover your password. In fact, you actually have to remember your password as you can't recover it. That's the fail safe.

As a side note, with any password best practices don't use your name, birthday, pet's name, child's name, alma mater or hobby keyword as your password. Way too easy to hack. Also, use long passwords with a mix of letters, numbers and special characters. According to an article by PCWorld, a long password such as Br3ak1ead&7 takes three days to crack at 1,000 guesses per second.

Furthermore, CloudPass uses 256-bit AES encryption. What is that? It stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. Without going into detail, it's a worldwide standard of electronic data encryption so you know it's kind of a big deal. However, they don't just use the encryption, they also use an integrated web browser, masked passwords, visual unlock code and what I think is ingenious, the time lock feature, which locks the app for a given time to prevent brute-force attack attempts.

This form of hack uses a farm of infected computers to act as one big network attack on individual accounts, meaning there are hundreds or thousands of computers processing multiple combinations of passwords on your account at one time until it's cracked. I believe this is what happened recently to a ton of WordPress-based websites.

If you are at all worried about security on your smartphone, then CloudPass is a solid option. With multiple security measures and high-level 256-bit AES encryption, you'll be worry free when inputting your personal passwords.

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