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Coconut Dodge
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coconut dodge

Coconut Dodge is now available in the app store.

Do you ever wonder what those little sand crabs at the beach are doing when they’re scurrying across the sand? Me too. I believe they are looking for gold. Yes, bright, shiny and delicious gold. What if there was a game based off of this little idea? What would you call it? Oh wait, looks like I’ve been beaten to the punch. Enter, Coconut Dodge.


The PlayStation Network’s “2010 Game of the Year” is now available on the iPhone and iPad and for what seems to be an all too simple game at first glimpse, is anything but that.

So what exactly makes the Coconut Dodge iPhone app interesting? Easy. The simplistic nature of the game. The treasure snatching little crab goes from left to right and collects his precious gold coins and other shiny treasures while he dodges coconuts. You can hit the turbo button to take it up a notch and see Clawrence’s feet do what looks like a speed-induced jig, allowing him to dodge, skirt and scurry at warp speed.

The game allows you to connect via Facebook to share high scores among friends. One way to crank up your score is to collect all the different treasures such as diamonds (400 points), anchors (100 points), rubies (800 points), golden cups (1000 points), necklaces as well as keep the beach ball up in the air for the number consecutive hits marked on the ball for an extra several hundred points plus 100 to 200 per hit. Your score will also increase as time passes. The only way to lose the game is to be the unlucky crab that can’t dodge a coconut. Do this three times and it’s lights out and game over.

My recommendation is to get to know the turbo button. As mentioned, you’ll be looking like you’re dancing the night away on a few energy drinks, but your crazy crab feet will also get you out of a bind real quick. However, the controls in Coconut Dodge are a bit touchy, so make sure to practice.

You’ll want to get turbo down to ensure you make the most of the level up bonus rounds, which “make it rain” with gobs of golden coins ripe for the picking. No coconuts. Just uninhibited coinage. Also, be on the look out for the viking hat. Put this on and you’re invincible. You’ll be crushing coconuts on your head with ill regard. Plus, you get an extra 30 points per bashed coconut. Yes, Coconut Dodge becomes Coconut Hit.

But really, the falling coconuts aren’t that difficult to dodge at first. The mazes are what makes Coconut Dodge one of the funnest games I’ve played. They are made to make you feel like you know the pattern, but then once you think you have it down you’ll find that you zigged when you should have zagged. And of course, like the falling coconuts, they get more difficult to dodge as the game progresses. A word to the wise, watch out for the maze on level nine. It’s near impossible to get through without conking your head.

To help slow down the pace of the falling menaces, be on the look out for the blue beach balls. After a few taps of this sight for sore pinchers, gameplay slows down and gives your little crab a break. You’ll be at around level five once you finally get one of these balls. Around level six is when you get a taste of the big payoff, gold bars worth 1,000 big ones.

In conclusion, once you launch the app and get your greedy little claws on a king’s ransom worth of treasures by dodging falling coconuts with Clawrence the crab, you’ll understand the reason why Coconut Dodge was a huge hit on PSN and clamor for more.

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