CoffeeBreak Finds Caffeine for Less Than the Cost of a Cuppa Joe

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

CoffeeBreak AppIf you’ve ever considered running out into the street screaming because you can’t find a decent cuppa joe, you may be in for a treat. CoffeeBreak is a lifestyle application that helps you stay completely caffeinated by using the GPS or WiFi of your phone to locate your favorite java joint and tell you which ones are nearby.

CoffeeBreak comes “pre-loaded” with eight fairly recognizable brand name coffee houses. With one tap, Coffee Break! can tell you how close you are to the nearest Dunns Bros, Peets Coffee, Seattle’s Best, Coffee Bean, Coffee Beanery, Starbucks, and Tully’s. CoffeeBreak has 8 mugs — one for each coffeehouse — on a shelf along with a “post it” that represents “other coffee places”

To locate your favorite, just tap on the mug. It will slide back on the shelf. Next, you’re presented with a list of coffee houses from yards to miles away. Not only do you get the name, address and proximity but CoffeeBreak can route you from your current starting point. If you’re a map user it displays the location of the coffeehouse on a map and you can even email it to a friend. If you need to chat with someone at the coffee house there’s one-touch dialing from this screen. You can even save it to your contacts. CoffeeBreak provides you with very detailed information. CoffeeBreak is fast and will definitely be useful to the avid coffee drinker. 

CoffeeBreak is a graphic gem. The coffee mugs that represent the coffee houses are intricately done with careful attention to details. The colors are vivid and rich. CoffeeBreak even makes a life-like sound when you tap the mug.

Some might be disappointed with the fact that it isn’t fully customizable. You’re stuck with the eight presets. There’s also no way of telling from the main screen whether or not one of those coffee houses even exists in your city. Perhaps a feature that darkens those that aren’t local?

Furthermore, CoffeeBreak doesn’t currently have a “show all”function. A feature like this would definitely please anyone just wanting a cup of coffee from the nearest coffee place. The map function works well. Although, it would be more helpful if you could see all the coffee houses in your area on the map.

With all of its functionality CoffeeBreak it’s definitely worth paying for. It’s currently 99 cents. Coffeebreak does the job and doesn’t break the bank.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Roxy22

    Every morning! 8AM sharp!

  • lazybones

    Too bad most brand-name coffeehouses SUCK. To really make a useful app, this should include things that people would otherwise overlook.

  • DominoFect

    Just finding the smallest coffee shop nearest you i always the best choice. Lazy is right, mainstream coffee is pretty barbi

  • Gcash

    People should jst stop drinkin coffee neway

  • dr. b

    cuppa joe? stop with the cutesiness, please, and just write understandable language.

  • coffeesnob

    what site does it pull the 'other' coffee places from, i am at a coffeeshop now that isn't showing up on the app and its the best around. I checked google to make sure the business was listed and its there...any idea where the info is coming from?