Coins N Rainbows - Coin Sliding Fun


coins n rainbows Coins N Rainbows was an original idea that involves the user having a coin and sliding it along the board to land on rainbows. The user would take his or her iPhone and slide it forward which sends the coin along the board and depending on where it lands on the rainbows, determines how many points the user gets.

Although Coins N Rainbows is a great idea for a game and reminds of my childhood days playing ski ball, it falls short in many ways. First thing I noticed of course is that there is no way to shut of the sound. Not only is there no way to shut off the sound but there is no options page in general. There are no instructions on how to play the game either. It took me a couple minutes of trial and error to figure it out.

Another thing that bothers me about  Coins N Rainbows is that it is very hard to gauge the distance you are throwing the coin making it difficult to throw. It is also almost impossible to score because if any part of the coin is touching a black line the points don't count. The color areas of the rainbow are barely bigger than the coin so in order to score points the user has to get lucky.

Coins N Rainbows has a lot of work to do in order to compete with the other apps. The app is a great start and a great idea, it just needs some elbow grease to get it right.

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