Collapse Chaos is Another Colorful Blockbuster for iPhone

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

collapse chaos iphone appRealnetworks' Collapse Chaos, is making moves in the App Store. This week it made the move down to $1.99. The app has been discounted for a “limited time,” no doubt to bring it into the hands of even more iPhone arcade game enthusiasts. Collapse Chaos is another blockbusting game like Tetris and yesterday's Topple.

The purpose of Collapse Chaos is to remove three or more adjacent blocks of the same color. Players may choose from two modes Quick Play or Quest. Players watch their journey on a map as they meander through the Quest mode and are challenged with several different game types. They can choose Classic, Puzzle, Strategy, Panic Attack , Continuous and Countdown. When players complete a challenge they earn coins and stars. Stars are used to unlock the gates on the map and the coins are used to buy power ups. In Quest players may access power ups (which add more rows) by clicking on them in every mode except Puzzle. Make it all the way through a game type and you’ll be rewarded with one of several different trophies. Quick play allows access to the same types of game challenges, but only after gaining access through the adventure like Quest mode. Collapse Chaos is reasonably challenging and pretty lengthy. .

Collapse Chaos has a nice dynamic start with music and a big cascade of blocks. Sadly, throughout the game the graphics are a little lackluster and unimpressive. The sound effects are also pretty banal and generic. Challenging users to complete the different types of games by using a “Zelda” like map to obtain objects and trophies to reward them is almost interesting. But, there isn’t a compelling or interesting character to follow through this virtual world. Overall, Collapse Chaos is fairly entertaining. It is not so easy to follow initially but after a few minutes of toying around with the help tools and explanations, players will get it. Collapse Chaos is definitely worth downloading at this price.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • JoshPratt79

    Isn't this exactly the same as BallBuster the arcade game?

  • rxCaptain

    i'll wait 'til it hits $0.99

  • DominoFect

    No this game is made of squares instead of circles, Josh. Big difference!

  • Randomdude99

    How do i complete the last level of Collpase?

  • Gaby

    I'm asking the same question. The last level is impossible! I need to know how to solve this.

    Please answer!


  • Liz

    if anyone knows how to beat the last level PLEASE SHARE THE ANSWER!!
    thank you so much!

  • ismynm

    i need last level help too

  • doglover

    Need help on last level?!

  • Becky

    I cannot complete the last puzzle of this collapse caos. Please somebody help me. I have been stuck there for days.

  • Corryna

    i can't figure out the last puzzle either! and it's pissing me off because i FLEW through every other puzzle on the game.

  • Kim

    Agh I've been stuck on that last level FOREVER also. Wayyyy harder than
    any of the other puzzles.
    Got it down to 2 green blocks once, but I can't remember how I
    did it...

  • Courtney

    Iv'e been trying to beat the last level for 4 days straight now..
    Im starting to think its impossible to pass it. I get to row 54 and lose! >:O

  • Courtney

    Okay.. i totally figured out how to beat it! You go to the house on the map and buy 5 black bombs and just use them more towards the end around 60 lines when it gets crazy and then if your lucky you win! :]

  • carrie

    i think they're asking for the solution to puzzle mode. me, too.

  • BlackDiamond

    How do you beat level 20 in panic attack? Help! Been trying for almost a year!!!

  • Abby


  • Barbie

    Here's the answer to that last puzzle.

  • Claudette

    How do you beat the last of the level inside the volcano crater, (the first one where blocks go from the bottom to the top to the bottom to the top over and over again and more colors get added)?

    I have gotten to 38,000 points on that one and still nothing. I can't tell what it is on each level that lets you keep going, just suddenly it stops and tells you you passed, so I can't tell if there is something I'm not doing?


  • Sonicbloom

    To beat the volcano level click thru to an app and download it. I beat it right after I did that!

  • Cortney

    I have been on this last level CHAOS for DAYS and every single time, I get towards 30 and WAY too many colors with no matches. It's pissing me off... I've almost thrown my iPhone across the room!! IMPOSSIBLE!

  • Kim

    I am at the volcano part and I don't understand how to get stars. Am I at the end? I've beaten all the levels in the volcano, but it says I haven't. All the levels don't have stars above them. What does this mean??

  • M.a.l

    How do i pass the last puzzle level??!!!!

  • Fireblade

    Last puzzle is not impossible...last LEVEL seems to be but I beat it after 50 attempts or so. Don't use any bombs until about 80 lines remaining and save at least one black bomb and one color bomb for the last 20 lines. If you find that you're about to die, just exit out before it tells of your failure, it won't charge you for the bombs used prior, friendly glitch. At least this was the case on my Nokia E71x.

  • Jackie

    You peope are stupid on the puzzles the red circles where u have to get ALL the blocks gone you CANT use bombs so if you on the last puzzle in volcano level your jus gonna have to keep guessinv cause u are not allowed to use the bombs on the puzzles unless maybe your on a comp I dk then but on a phone u cant

  • nezzy

    How do you use the bombs you buy?

  • icecreamga

    To use the bombs, look at the bottom of your screen. click on it and hit bomb, then hit use.

    Also, trying to finish the last puzzle. I find it to be impossible. I like the idea that Fireblad gave about buying one color and using it on the 20 lines. I will try that. Fireblad, did you finish it? What happens when you do?

  • Vaughn

    Okay after numerous tries I have finished the Chaos level. I find it helps if you buy two color bombs (yellow, purple, or white), two black bombs and a horizontal/vertical line clearer. If you use any of these BEFORE you get to line 60 then start over. You should be saving the items you get randomly from the game for 100-60, but you need to make sure not to clutter the screen so I used the shuffle and sandclock often and only kept one of each. Also make sure too use the black bombs that pop up randomly on the screen are used when they are out of range of your color bombs as they come in handy more. ( I often blew the black bombs after a shuffle when the items I saved were 'de-cluttered')..... Ive loved collapse for years so it pissed havin to try so hard.... happy playing

  • kelly

    I love this game, zipped right through the quest, but am having trouble with level 19 of the puzzle section. Anybody with a solution or suggestion?