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Color Patterns
Developer: Barbara Holbrook
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color patternsGet your creative juices flowing with Color Patterns, the coloring app for grown-ups. Color Patterns by Talk Story Media is a brand new virutal coloring app for iPad and it isn’t really just for grown-ups, but it is for the serious coloring enthusiast. With a collection of 36 geometric patterns and 90 different hues, Color Patterns is about experimenting with color, shape and general creativity. Color Patterns offers the standard coloring tools you’d expect and has options for sharing colored patterns, creating custom wallpaper for your device, or even turning them into a professionally-printed postcard.

Color Patterns is full of a range of patterns from solid geometric prints to softer paisley patterns, most of which would make excellent stained glass patterns. The ability to choose from an array of colors with customizable “brush” sizes gives Color Patterns a bit of flexibility. And because the color response is fairly accurate, coloring by touch or with a stylus is equally easy. Unlike children’s coloring apps, Color Patterns focuses strictly on coloring in patterns. Though the capabilities of Color Patterns are pretty straightforward and somewhat limited, the things it might inspire in creative hands are quite limitless.

Navigating Color Patterns is completely intuitive and requires the user to select a pattern, open the color palette, adjust their brush size and color away. An “undo” button is easily accessible to remove the last action taken. If you want to “undo” more than the previous stroke, you’ll have to use the “erase” button, but it too is easily accessible. There are no complicated custom functions in color selection or application, making Color Patterns simplistic enough for anyone to use.

Though simplistic in execution and design, Color Patterns could be used to experiment with quilt patterns, stained glass projects, decorating plans or simply as a quick creative outlet. The option to print professional postcards could also be of interest to a creative, business-minded individual. If creative springboards aren’t your thing, then Color Patterns is also a simple way to build hand-eye coordination.

Anyone who enjoys virtual coloring books, experimenting with color selections and pairings, and enjoys eye-catching patterns will find Color Patterns to be a simple, but effective coloring app. After all, why should little kids have all the fun? And with such a big box of crayons, Color Patterns offers an array of coloring combinations.

* Color Patterns was developed by AppCraver Editor Barbara Holbrook. She did not influence the outcome of this review.

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