Color Your Personality on The Go In The Right Direction

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Color Your Personality appIf you’ve ever gone to pick out paint for a room in your house, you might have noticed that blue is a calming color and yellow is a very active vibrant color. It’s not a mystery that colors are emotionally evocative. Psychologists have been giving subjects and patients visual tests for years to help them understand themselves a little bit better and to let them know how they can help. Now there is Color Your Personality.

Color Your Personality is a simple personality test for the iPhone that assesses your personality through the color the choices that you make. Don’t worry, it’s not a lengthy test of any sort — and it’s pretty easy to take. Choose the colors you like in order of your personal preference. Wait a minute, then Color Your Personality will ask you to pick the colors again.

Color Your Personality is an interesting app that's fun to use on the go. However, it's not detailed enough to give you a true personality assessment.  The other problem with Color Your Personality is that there isn't much explanation. There are eight colors on the screen that represent a variety of different emotions but none of its explained in the about section or anywhere else for that matter.

I took the Color Your Personality test and the thing I like most about it is that it's short and to the point like a micro mood horoscope. Color Your Personality may not be life changing but it if you're curious about the color of your mood, the head on over to the App Store to check it out — it's only $0.99.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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