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colorize iphoneColorize is an iPhone app that lets you create and recreate colorful pictures with the stroke of a brush – or really your finger. Developed by Widgetize, Colorize is a creative photography editing application that allows re-coloring of entire photos or specific parts of a photo at different levels of saturation. With the goal being to express creativity through multicolored photos, Colorize is a photography utility with a few saving graces.

Not a huge photography buff myself, as evidenced by the lack of pictures on my phone’s camera roll, I may not be able to fully appreciate every willy nilly photography app that comes along, but Colorize is somewhat cool. It has a control panel that can be minimized to allow more screen room, simple-to-select and use tools, including “brush” size and saturation, and a zoom capability that is clearly its most useful feature.

Without the zoom feature, the ability to recolor any one part of an image would be obscured by the imprecise style of finger brush painting. The ability to zoom in provides greater control, but still requires a bit of work to avoid blurring outside the lines of a selected part of a picture. The color selection range is okay, but the re-colored images don’t seem to be as vibrant as in the example pictures.

While the best approach to learning the Colorize ropes is to play around with editing of the example pictures, most users will want to jump right in with their own photos. The problem with this is that you might not have any appropriate images to work with as photos with high color contrast and close up images are the most suitable. Still, with a little creativity, and use of the zoom feature, most any picture can be re-colored to add flair.

As far as photo editing experiences go, Colorize provides the tools to recreate images into multi-colored works of art. Those users in touch with their creative side will find Colorize lends a different kind of color editing to their pictures that goes way beyond changing to a sepia finish. Make your dog polka dotted or show your kids how ridiculous they’d look with blue hair – it’s really up to you how you use Colorize. Which ultimately is the point to any creative endeavor.

Colorize proves to be a photography app of user-friendly and completely palpable proportions. Simply put, using Colorize on otherwise boring pictures could be likened to what Techno-Color did for the Wizard of Oz. Of course, the necessity of this depends largely on how boring your pictures are to begin to with. As for mine, they’re pretty boring in any color.

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