Is Comedy Sidekick a Dynamic Duo in the Making?


Comedy Sidekick iphoneComedy Sidekick is a slightly goofy app that may have been designed with the intention to inspire the comic within, but comes off more like a bad night at the improv.

In order to fulfill useful suggestions like livening up an office party or conference call, Comedy Sidekick supplies what can only be assumed are examples of introductions, opening acts, and a catch phrase. It gives you the ability to record your own one-liners, jokes, and catch phrases and even pair them with cliché sounds like rim shots, applause, and groans.

If you’re inspired by cheesy humor and need a place to store comedic ideas as they come to you, then Comedy Sidekick would indeed prove useful.

Comedy Sidekick’s opening acts consist of five short routines, which I suppose provide a small variety of suggestions and styles, except that four of them are the same guy and the same style.

Whether or not the material is original, I can’t say, but I would caution against using any of them to break the ice on your next conference call unless you’re prepared to deal with some intensely awkward silence and a possible unscheduled performance review. Seriously, I’ve heard better jokes from the 10-year old stand up at my kid’s school talent show. However, I’m sure the intention is to merely inspire, not encourage plagiarism.

All joking aside, the few pre-recorded acts in the Comedy Sidekick arsenal play against the same, repetitive background laugh track and the catch phrase segment, includes only one example to build upon. The available sound effects include laughter, applause, groans, rim shot, and the classic “wah, wah, wah, wah.” And for an added bonus, you can make the sounds small, medium, or large. Build your act by choosing an introduction and recording a name. Then set Comedy Sidekick to play any pre-recorded or self-recorded opening act. Tie it all together with your sound effects and voila! – your iPhone is now a stand up comic.

As mentioned before, if you are an aspiring comic and need an app to store your material, practice delivery, and generally prepare for open mic night, then I suppose you and Comedy Sidekick would make a great team; as long as you're not expecting one half of a dynamic duo.

For the average person looking to be entertained and amused or even searching for icebreakers for the next party, it’s doubtful that Comedy Sidekick is the wingman you’ve been looking for. It is clearly meant to be built upon, rather than supply endless comedic entertainment.

As far as inspiring the comic within, well, everyone has to start somewhere, even if it is at the bottom of the joke barrel.

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