Cometkaze is Intergalactic Physics-based Game with a Love Twist

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Developer: Total Integrated Mobile L.L.C.
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CometkazeI've often wondered what it would be like to play Angry Birds in space, except the bird would be a comet and the game would mash together the fierce style of a Japanese fighter pilot with the speed of light and the physics of space.

Much to my entertainment, Cometkaze has created such an app, of which, I've been wearing my spacesuit for the past week ensuring I get enough flight time for a solid review.

Of course, this app is more than just a game as it also incorporates a love story of two comets enjoying their time together when all of a sudden the evil black hole takes the boyfriend into the darkness of antimatter space. The only way back to his sweet heart Stellar is collecting stars while avoiding objects such as planets on his way back through the black hole. Your mission, should you wish to accept, is to defy the laws of gravity and help these two "cometlovers" reunite.

After launching Cometkaze, you are presented with three options, including help, start and credits. My advice is to hit start right away as the game is very intuitive and requires little to no understanding of the game mechanics to start.

As you begin, a cute little picture story between Cometkaze and Stellar starts up and soon turns into a dating nightmare. After the cut-aways, you launch into your monumental quest to save Stellar, but not without a few obstacles.

Much like Angry Birds, you catapult your comet towards the goal. Where Cometkaze gets interesting is its use of gravity. Instead of the usual earth gravity of what goes up must come down, your comet is affected by other object's gravitational pull. This causes you to really think before you leap, meaning pulling back and letting your comet fly isn't always the best route.

You must fly Cometkaze with finesse and focused telemetry. If you launch your comet with reckless abandonment and go too far one way, you will send your comet to the far reaches of outer space leaving Stellar to fend for herself. You can also use the other objects' pull to your advantage. This is done by ensuring you take a few practice swings and getting a feel for which objects pull or push you away from your goal.

Overall, Cometkaze is an exciting, addicting and entertaining intergalactic app that provides a lot of fun for the price.

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