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ContactsXL + Facebook Sync
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ContactsPlus XL iphone appContactsPlus XL dresses up the iPhone's contacts list to make it more appealing with additional features.

Although many iPhone users can probably get along fine with the plain vanilla services of the iPhone's built-in contacts app, the additional features in ContactsPlus XL are nice and give more flexibility for streamlining one's address book. In fact, anyone with a large contacts list will find that the app has some very nice extras which offer more control for finding, displaying and organizing contacts.

For example, ContactsPlus XL provides several ways to organize contacts into groups. A user can choose to organize one's contacts into groups such as work, family, friends, or other categories. Personally, instead of spending hours re-arranging contact categories I prefer to use the iPhone's Spotlight search function to find a contact (from the home screen press the home button or swipe left then begin typing).

If list-making isn't your thing then you'll appreciate this next feature. Contacts Plus XL can automatically groups contacts via an extensive number of parameters: last name, birthdate, job title, location, those with photos, and several others.

ContactsPlus XL does more than just group contacts into lists. The layout for individual contacts is friendlier in ContactsPlus than it is in the native iPhone app. The buttons for making a  phone call or sending a text message are represented by icons instead of text. The same design principles apply to the dialer, birthday calendar and contact groups.

Turning the iPhone sideways while viewing your contacts displays them in the infamous Cover Flow.

Viewing your contacts with Cover Flow can be a cool way to navigate a long list of friends of family. However if you didn't take the time to upload a picture for each of your contacts, then what you actually get is a long list of default icon. If you find yourself in this decidedly less cool situation, you may want to download FriendSyncwhich can pull profile pictures from your Facebook friends and match them to your contacts list.

Two additional features within ContactsPlus XL include a listing of contacts' birthdays and favorites. They are both available within one-tap access after firing up ContactsPlus XL. The birthday option is nice for a quick and easy way to see who needs a gift. Favorites is another duplication that may not be necessary, since a double tap of the home screen button brings up any contacts created from the iPhone's contacts app.

ContactsPlus XL is ideal for those who prefer to manage the details of their contact list and like to organize information into groups. However, those who prefer to simply pull up Spotlight and search by name, or those without an extensive list of contacts, will probably not need this type of an upgrade.

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  • Lee

    I used this app for about two months before the os4 came out. After upgrading to os4, the new version of ContactPlus XL plus deleted all of my groups, formerly created in the older version. Additionally, the os4 version won't let me create groups. I've taken it off my iphone until they iron out the bugs.