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iPhone Remote and Trackpad appsRemote Mice and Trackpads – The last time I went to my local coffee shop to slurp a large Sumatra, with a splash of free Wi-Fi, I realized I had forgotten my wireless mouse. I’m not fond of using trackpads, especially the one on my Dell, so I broke out my iPhone and went to work with that instead.

Not long ago, I downloaded Air Mouse Pro, from R.P.A. Tech. As it name suggests, it’s an air mouse. It’s also a conventional mouse, a trackpad and a remote control for iTunes. Check out my review for more details.

I raved about Air Mouse Pro, but I have since looked at several remote mice and trackpad apps and I would use any of them in a pinch. When I get around to finishing the home theater PC I’m building, I’ll use my iPhone as a remote control from my comfy Barcalounger.

You can use your iPhone or iPod touch just as you would any mouse or trackpad, with  left and right button clicks, scrolling and other functions using the real-world equal of either input device. Some are simple apps that you can use to move the cursor around on screen by tilting your iPhone or iPod touch. Others add features such as the ability to control iTunes and other apps.

You will need to download and install server software on your desktop Mac or PC and in some cases, Linux machine. The server software is invariably free, although the price of the apps range from free to $7.99 or so. Synching the remote and desktop should be automatic.

Mouse Mote (AppStore Link)
User Reviews
Mouse Mote
Developer: Himperia IIS, SL
Price: free Download on the App Store

Mouse Mote, from Himperia IIS, lets you control your cursor by tilting your iPhone or iPod touch. $0.99. The developer says it will work on Macs, PCs and Linux systems, because it’s programmed in Java, but it’s best suited for Macs.

RemotePad (AppStore Link)
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Developer: Yoshihisa Kawamoto
Price: free Download on the App Store

RemotePad, from, is an open-source remote capable of moving your cursor. I like that you can use it in portrait and landscape modes. And, it's free.

Snatch Pro - Ultimate wireless trackpad / mouse, custom remote control, and keyboard for PC and Mac (AppStore Link)
User Reviews
Snatch Pro - Ultimate wireless trackpad / mouse, custom remote control, and keyboard for PC and Mac
Developer: Ran Dezent
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Snatch Trackpad and Remote, from Hoofien, lets you create and label shortcuts. I also was impressed with this app when I reviewed it. The track pad in Snatch works surprisingly well, with little lag time. You can scroll, mouse click, drag windows — in sum, do all the usual track pad kinds of things.

ControlPad (AppStore Link)
User Reviews
Developer: Tienshiao Ma
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

ControlPad, from Tienshiao Ma, is a trackpad that can be tweaked for tracking speed and tap movement and with good keyboard features to boot. It uses VNC as a server, which makes it compatible with other VNC apps on your desktop.

If simple input control isn't enough, don't miss our comprehensive round-up of iPhone and iPad apps to access files your home computer.

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  • Nate W 64

    Thanks for this helpful information! I just downloaded the RemotePad App! now i don't have to get up and click my computer to skip the commercials while watching TV online! perfect app if you have a sweet set up w/ a TV hooked up to a macbook :) ohh yea! if you're lazy, get one of these apps lol

  • Luc Vandal

    There's also, TouchPad is based on the MacBook trackpad and support most Multi-Touch gestures. It also has an extended keyboard, shortcuts and an Apple Remote for Front Row.
    It’s on sale this week for $1.99. (iTunes link)