Cookie Catch - Christmas Provides a Sweet Treat--in Moderation

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Cookie Catch
Developer: Lima Sky
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The great thing about holiday games is that just as your kids are about tired of one, you can ditch it. That's particularly good for the sake of Cookie Catch - Christmas, a quaint little number by Lima Sky, because any longer and this little cookie would definitely be stale.

Colorful and festive, Cookie Catch - Christmas features cheerful button-nosed Casey beneath a holiday sky of falling gingerbread cookies and snowballs. Slide Casey from one side to the other by tilting the phone left and right. Your score goes up with every cookie he catches, but avoid the falling snowballs which turn Casey's cute smiley face into a glaring snowball-head.

The game starts slow and increases in speed until your time runs out. There are no advanced levels beyond that, but the high score is stored on the start page, so you and your kids can compete to out-score each other.

The graphics in Cookie Catch are sweet and simple and the crunching sound made every time Casey catches the gingerbread is much less annoying than other game sounds I've heard. I kind of like the snowball-head he turns into, so after a while I started aiming for the snowballs rather than the cookies — unfortunately the game gets that boring that quick.

It was, however, easy enough for my four-year-old son to get hooked after two games. There's no educational component, which for my taste is an issue when it comes to games for pre-school age users, but besides that, it's a fun distraction until you or the kids get bored.

If you have a long car ride this season, the $0.99 cost of the app is worth the price of a little quiet time that the game will bring to your travels; just make sure you bring other forms of entertainment along for backup — some gingerbread cookies would be nice.

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