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CookieCoo DancingStar HD
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CookieCoo DancingStar HD for iOSDancing and singing are two of my daughter's favorite things to do and both of them happen naturally when playing CookieCoo DancingStar HD. Aimed at the younger crowd, the app encourages kids to sing along with their favorite characters and best of all, have fun.

The basic premise of the app is a cross between Tap Tap Revenge and Karaoke in that the game is setup for kids to pick songs such as "Hokey Pokey," "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and "This is the way we wash our face" as well as tap on a variety of instruments such as drums to help teach rhythm.

CookieCoo DancingStar HD features some very silly characters that are all different types of cookies such as chocolate, banana and one that even looks like an apple. They're all very cartoon like with almost have a claymation style to them. The graphics are very neatly designed and kids will be sure to enjoy them. 

As for difficulty, the littles ones might find anything above the easy setting challenging as tapping the notes at the right time can get frustrating. However, it's not so frustrating that they won't enjoy it. Plus, there are varying degrees of correct tapping such as bad for completely missing, good for almost hitting and perfect for an A+. This is where the points rack up. If their little fingers can tap correctly in consecutive turns then they get combo bonuses. The game is quite fun and adds a bit of excitement to the singing portion of the app.

The app is appropriate for 4+ and up and I believe once you get into the ages closer to 10 they'll want to crank up the difficulty for an all out musical dance performance. The game is perfect for parents to play with their little ones or to let their more mature or advanced mobile device handlers take over and rock out to educational songs.

It's important to note that there are in-app purchases available. Instead of finishing a level to unlock upcoming albums, those little fingers that we love so much can also click on the locked albums and purchase more songs. I highly recommend turning off in-app purchases if you don't want to see a big App Store bill.

Overall, CookieCoo DancingStar HD is a heck of a good time for the little ones. Its combination of old school tunes mixed with modern mobile technology and tap tap style gaming makes for an incredibly fun time. Parents might find themselves singing to the oldies as well.

There is also an iPhone version of CookieCoo for dancing stars without an iPad. The iPhone edition is compatible with devices 3GS and later.

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