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Cops & Robbers
Developer: Glu Games Inc
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cops-and-robbers-iPhone-appCops and Robbers will have you jumping and speeding your way through alleys and corridors in a mad rush to avoid the cops. There is a lot of fun to be had as you try and leap your way to safety and collect cash.

The premise of Cops and Robbers is that you are a robber who must drum up enough cash and diamonds to pay your rent to a pimp-like baron who drives a stretch, white limousine. But the cops are on your tail (it also doesn't help that you are dressed like a robber from the Eliot Ness era). Cops and Robbers is played by jumping over obstacles and tilting your iPhone/iPod touch to avoid the barrels, puddles, and walls that can get in your way. The controls are pretty easy to use, though sometimes the "junp" command, which involves tapping twice on the screen, could have been more responsive. You must beat the time limit for each round in order to advance. There is also a diamond that must be found by playing a lock-picking game, which your character must then give to his evil landlord in order to pay off his debt.

There is not much in the way of customization for your character, but it works for a mobile game. You can be either a male or female robber. And after successfully completing a round (there are checkpoints that include an excessive 360-degree close-up of the main character) within the time limit you can play it again as one of the cops. This time you try and get to the end of the line faster than the robber, who you can see a shadowy figure of while you are running.

Overall Cops and Robbers meets its goal: it is a fun game to play. There are nine levels in all; each with three different challenges. Cops and Robbers is at least mildly addicting and worth draining some of your iPhone batteries for.

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