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Cosmic One
Developer: oeFun, Inc.
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cosmic one puzzle appCosmic One is a simple shape-matching puzzle game with instinctive controls and addictive qualities. Developer oeFun, Inc, the company behind other iPhone games like iVoodoo and Stress Toy, brings the puzzle game in its most basic form but with increasing and controllable pace, Cosmic One can be played by a four-year old as well as a grown-up.

A rotatable catcher at the bottom of the screen captures falling tiles. According to the shape of the falling tile, the catcher needs to be rotated to the same shape. With a scoring system that rewards speed and accuracy Cosmic One is a lot of fun and a tap on the top of the screen increases the pace of the falling objects, contributing to the ever-fastening pace of the game. Cosmic One is one of the few games out there that supports left and right handed play, allowing for anyone to give it their best or to increase difficulty by changing up the playing hand. An online score board allows the player to compare scores and compete with other players. With the space-themed backdrop and music, which speeds up with the game's increasing pace, Cosmic One is a fun and simple game to play and its addictive qualities might make it hard to get your eyes off the screen.

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