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Space Storm
Developer: DAVA Consulting, LLC
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

cosmo hero iphoneThe latest version of Cosmo Hero offers up some excellent game play and is vastly improved over the original. This version is the newest game from DAVA Consulting, the same group behind iDicto and the underwhelming Zoom Zoom. Cosmo Hero is available in both a lite and full version. For a mere $0.99, it's worth springing for the whole thing.

Cosmo Hero makes good use of the touch screen to control the space ship while battling galactic enemies. Cosmo Hero is played by holding your iPhone/iPod touch horizontally while the action scrolls from left to right.

In Cosmo Hero there are two control choices — the touch screen or the accelerometer. The touch screen controls in this game are far superior to tipping and tilting the screen with the accelerometer. Accelerometer-mode was a bit clunky and did not quite provide the same amount of control as using the touch screen.

Tapping and sliding on the screen moves the spaceship quite well. The screen movement gives the ship freedom to move both horizontally and vertically along the screen. It is the only finger you need on the screen as the guns fire automatically. Unfortunately, they do not fire as well or quickly as the excellent Sentry Alpha.

There are some options for upgradeable weapons, with the laser (which is the first and most valuable upgrade) working the best. Unfortunately the highest weapon available is not as strong. This becomes a problem especially in later rounds of Cosmo Hero as sometimes there are so many enemies around it is nearly impossible to take them all out. Bosses were also quite the challenge. Do not expect Cosmo Hero to be a game you can pick up and easily defeat all enemies.

Cosmo Hero is a nice effort. With a few tweaks and updates it could be even stronger.

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