Cosmo Joe is Engaging but Cryptic Action Arcade Game

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Developer: Grigory Zhebrakov
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Cosmo JoeLove pick-up-and-play games that pass the time in spare moments or hours? Most people do. If something fun, quick and challenging, but simple with a bit of action built in sounds like your kind of game, then give Cosmo Joe a quick look. Cosmo Joe is an arcade-type action game that pits a masked, yellow space traveler against the evils of the galaxy in an effort to save the universe. Sounds a bit geeky to be sure, but Cosmo Joe is a cute little action game with a few fun features.

The play area of Cosmo Joe is small, but players aim to rack up fuel, enemy kills and health before the rocket ship arrives to take Joe to the next level. There are even opportunities for combo bonuses if your galactic fighting skills are strong enough. Joe has a total of 14 different weapons he can use, but they aren’t all available at once. He might have weapons for firing or warp speed for running down enemies, but high scoring opportunities abound and span 50 different levels, each slightly more challenging than the next. Players must complete the level before they run out of fuel.

Visually, Cosmo Joe is nicely contrasted and oddly bright even with some dark color schemes. The controls are based on a combination of gyroscope and touch screen. You must tilt your device to control Joe’s movements and trajectories, but tap to use or change weapons. When Joe uses up all his fuel, the level ends.

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Cosmo Joe has the potential to be a fun, quick game, but lacks some basic intuitiveness. The help menu that contains the game rules is a bit cryptic and explained mostly in symbols. It doesn’t do a fantastic job of explaining the dynamics of the game or how the specific goal of each level is determined. In some of the higher levels, it’s easy to run out of fuel without being certain how close to the end of the level you are. You can hover Joe on the landing pad all you want, but his transport rocket just doesn’t come in time. On a positive note, the enemies, obstacles and weapons are fun to engage.

With a bit more explanation of overall gameplay, Cosmo Joe would be a solid mobile action arcade game. It is Open Feint enabled for competition and has good sound, fairly intuitive and responsive controls, but simply lacks a good tutorial. Fortunately, players can always grab the free version, Cosmo Joe Lite, to see whether or not it’s their cosmic cup of tea before investing in the full paid version.

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