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Developer: Christopher Penrose
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cosmovox iphone thereminFor anyone interested in the world of electronic music, Cosmovox is a great app to have on your iPhone. Portland-based developer Leisuresonic has created a motion-controlled synthesizer that offers over 45 different musical scales and uses the accelerometer to track the user's motions, mapping them to the musical pitches of the selected scale. The timbre can be edited and the app even provides the option of vibrato through shaking the iPhone.

Cosmovox is a great example of a theremin and the developer has made great use of the iPhone platform and applied it to this formative instrument in electronic music history. The use of the hand movements create an intuitive responsiveness to the sounds and an idea of the experience of analog control. Slight improvements, like a waveform option, could be made in the next update but Cosmovox is a great music instrument app already. It might be hard to imagine how it works exactly and a short video on the Leisuresonic website shows a good presentation of Cosmovox. Anyone who is interested in the core of electronic music or wants to play around with a great musical tool will enjoy Cosmovox.

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  • Neal H

    Great use of the iPhone platform I agree wholeheartedly.