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Countdown Calendar
Developer: The Future of Pinball, LLC
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countdown-calendar-time-to-do-app-iphoneCountdown Calendar, from developer Greg Maletic, helps you keep track of important events that are impending and helps you stay informed of just when the big day will arrives. For me, Countdown Calendar could also help me from falling into hot water with people because I forgot a special date or an appointment. I’m terrible with dates, names and faces. I’m constantly writing to-do lists and then misplacing them.

If Countdown Calendar can protect me from getting into trouble for forgetting a birthday or anniversary, it would be invaluable.

You can count up or down the calendar to a special day and organize your countdowns into multiple groups or lists. Those features are common among other countdown calendars in the App Store and pretty much what you would expect.

Setting up a countdown is as easy as going to a list, tapping the plus sign and entering your info. There are slot-machine wheels for the day — you’ll automatically start with the current date highlight in blue. You can start with Important and Fun lists, then find additional countdown dates and then pick up a few tips and tricks using the Countdown Calendar by tapping on the bottom menu bar.

You can add hyperlinks and notes to your countdowns  and email the countdowns to other Countdown Calendar users and everyone else with email addresses. You are able to share your countdowns on a central repository and download countdowns with alerts about upcoming sporting events, movie release dates and other events that might interest you.

Some of the topic areas covered by the countdowns include holidays, sports, politics, Apple events and TV shows.  I doubt I’ll do much uploading or sharing. Maybe I’ll download the holidays and sports-related stuff. But really, all I want is to remember Auntie Jane’s birthday so I don’t have to hear about it from my family every year.

There’s also a Countdown Calendar widget, also developed by Greg Maletic

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  • Penemuel

    This app is a really useful one for me -- I put holidays and birthdays in it, but also keep track of items I've ordered with it. It really helps me know when items are overdue, so I can go back to the company and see if there's a reason for the delay. The developer just recently released an update that makes the scrolling smoother (it kind of jerked once you had more than a couple of items on your list), and I have no complaints with this app at all.