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Country Living Treemail
Developer: Hearst Communications, Inc.
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It’s hard not to notice the myriad of iPhone apps meant to creatively communicate messages from one person to another. Valentines Day may be over, but romance is still alive and well in the App Store. One unique app that found itself in the spotlight recently is Country Living Treemail. This isn’t treemail like in Survivor, but rather the high-tech equivalent of carving someone’s initials into a tree.

Country Living Treemail lets you select various types of tree bark and blade widths to carve small, short messages into a virtual tree that can be shared by email or on Facebook and Twitter. There is also a collection of symbols – hearts, arrows, and such – that work like stamps, which can be positioned and resized on your tree carving. Custom carving is done with the tips of your finger.

While certainly quicker (and safer) than deftly wielding a pocket knife and defiling an unsuspecting tree, Country Living Treemail is quirky. It’s not difficult to use, but the touch response lags from time to time, making the idea of creating a perfect carving something that requires a smal amount of patience. Any mistakes can be erased by navigating back to the tools menu, selecting eraser, selecting “done,” and correcting them. Then you only have to navigate back to the tools menu, reselect blade, select “done,” again and return to your carving. The workable surface, or rather the face of the tree, is limited and obscured by the tool buttons, which really need a simple way to be hidden. All this quirkiness aside, Treemail is unique to be sure.

Without discrediting its uniqueness or intended purpose, it is safe to say that not everyone will find a reason to buy this app and a few that do, may not fully appreciate it. Creative and clever iPhone users who like to find unique ways to communicate and share their thoughts, feelings, or ideas with others can enjoy Country Living Treemail. If you were a sucker for those stories your grandma told you about your grandpa carving their initials into an old oak tree and you have a dollar to spare, then by all means check out Treemail.

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