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Craftsy has been removed from the App Store due to trademark conflicts with the name. Get the official Etsy app for using the site from your iOS device.

Etsy users have a few options for browsing and tracking Etsy activity from their mobile devices, one of which is Craftsy – the Etsy app for shoppers and sellers. Touted as the only app allowing users to create and manage listings from an iOS device, Craftsy is geared towards buyers and sellers alike. Shoppers can browse through listings organized by category, search for something specific, or browse the treasury. Sellers can upgrade to Craftsy Pro to manage their Etsy shop on the go.

To get the full featured benefits of Craftsy, users should sign in to their Etsy account. Without an account, users can still browse and search through the thousands of handcrafted, vintage and unique gift items available, but obviously an account is required to make purchases and track orders. Other features include many of the same features found when shopping Etsy, including viewing seller profiles and feedback, tracking orders and sharing shops and items with friends by email.

I’ve certainly visited the Etsy website in the past, but not being particularly crafty I have no Etsy shop of my own so it’s difficult to attest to how productive or useful the available Craftsy upgrade would be as a seller. As a curious shopper, there are literally dozens and dozens of categories and even more categories containing unique and handmade items to browse through and they are organized in much the same fashion as the website. The app itself is intuitive and displays nicely for a mobile device. Shoppers can quickly add items to a favorites folder for quick viewing later, view a particular item on Etsy with a single tap, or email an item’s listing to themselves or a friend.

Keeping in mind that an Etsy account is required to gain full access to all of the Craftsy app features, new users can create an account from within the app, rendering it user-friendly to Etsy newbies and veterans alike. Whether you’re already a fan of Etsy or are just beginning to explore its offerings, Craftsy is an intuitive, easy-to-navigate app for shopping or selling on the go.

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    How do you list an item on the mobile app?