Craigsphone is Almost All You Need to Use Craigslist with iPhone

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

craigsphone iphone appCraigsphone by Next Mobile Web is so close to being the best and most full-featured Craigslist app for the iPhone. I've previously reviewed two other Craigslist iPhone apps. Both CraigsMobileList and CraigSearch lacked certain much-needed features and neither had the ability to post sales. Craigsphone finally allows you to post directly from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Craigsphone sets up and runs similar to the other two apps. Once loaded you need to choose a nearby state/city to limit your searches to. The main navigation contains options to browse listings, post a listing, view featured searches and edit your account information. Browsing allows you to search eight general categories or, by tapping the blue arrows on the right, you can refine your category. Tapping search lets you enter a descriptive search term for even more refined results.

Posting a listing uses an interface that is basically the slimmed down to fit better on the iPhone screen.

The featured sections of Craigsphone contains a few pre-determined searches that the developers included. I would have expected an option to bookmark search criteria and have them save to here. Unfortunately, Craigsphone does not contain a bookmarking option. It does, however, contain a history option. History displays your recently viewed listings which is useful to quickly come back to listings you have viewed.

Overall, the ability to post directly to Craigslist is a huge factor in comparing Craigsphone to the other two available. Unfortunately, Craigsphone is missing a bookmark function which has proven to be quite useful in CraigsMobileList. However the posting function outweighs a bookmark function and until the developers of these apps decide to conveniently apply all the useful options to one, Craigsphone may be the best choice when searching Craigslist on the iPhone or iPod touch. Oh yeah, and Craigsphone is absolutely free.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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