Crash Bandicoot - a Top Notch Racing Game


crash bandicoot iphone app

Crash Bandicoot, now published by Vivendi Mobile, is originally a PlayStation game developed by Radical Entertainment which has sold over 40 Million copies.

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Cart 3D is a racing format set in the make-believe "Wumpa Islands"; the objective is to race around the track, avoiding oil slicks and enemy fire, and targeting "crates" containing goodies like extra lives and exotic weapons, such as surface to air missiles. The music, special effects, and game play is world-class, and fully justifies the $9.99 price tag. Users seem to agree - this is the third most popuar paid app on the appStore.

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  • allie_intern

    Crash! This was the first video game series that I truly followed when I was younger. I was ecstatic to see this go mobile. Just as I had hoped, this game doesn't disappoint. The sheer fun of the game is still preserved even on a new platform!
    Hope is for suckers and fools.
    Download Hercules for iPhone.