How to Create Ringtones on the iPhone


A number of people have written to AppCraver asking how to create a custom ringtone on the iPhone. It's easy, but not very well documented. Here are the steps:

1. Go to iTunes and open your Music library. In the second column, some of the tracks will have a little bell next to them, indicating a ringtone is available for that track. To see all available ringtones, sort by those with a bell by clicking on the top of the second column.

iphone troubleshooting - iphone ringtones

2. Now move the 15 second ringtone selection by moving the blue selection area to the right.

itunes - iphone troubleshooting

3. Finally click "Buy". Yes -- even if you own the song, you will still need to buy the ringtone sequence as well.

4. Now connect the iPhone to your Mac or PC. When the iPhone shows up as a device in iTunes drag the ringtone on top of the "iPhone icon".

5. Now sync your iPhone. The new ringtone will appear in your settings folder, at the very top.

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  • Senor Pantalones

    It takes cojones for Apple to charge you for a 15-second clip of a song THAT YOU ALREADY OWN.

    I've been too busy (lazy?) to figure out how to do this without having Jobs take his cut. AppCraver, little help?

  • Joseph Chang

    Check out my Tutorial on how to make an iPhone ringtone for FREE on a mac using garageband.

  • Rick

    Thanks for the YouTube post!!!! Very informative.

  • Paul

    Or, if you own a Mac, just open the song in garageband, edit it down to a reasonable amount of time, and save it (share it) as a ringtone.

  • Paul

    Of course, all of that is pretty hard if one of your hands is covered with knives ad you live in people's dreamworlds.

  • Freddy Krueger

    Excellent Info Paul -- any interest in contributing an article or two to appcraver?

  • Paul

    Sure, I could do a couple.


    Good stuff, will try it out!

  • Nick – Graphic Designer in Sydney

    The service I use to convert the mp3s to ringtones (for those songs that are not purchased through itunes which means you can't make ringtones of them anyway) is:

    Online and simple. It does all the converting for you, and you end up with all your current mp3 ringtones ready for the iphone.

    I have to say, paying for a cutdown version of a song I already own is a bit steep. Previously I had just been using audacity to cut sections out of songs to use. But this online tool does pretty much everything I need.

  • John

    Try Ringbuilder, it's available on the AppStore. For me it's the best ringtone maker on iPhone cuz more than create ringtones you can share them with friends thanks to BUMP ! I recommend to all.

  • iGG

    Hey thnks John for this app', now I can easily create my own ringtones, nice the BUMP !