Create Your Own Groove With Jamble Music Mashups

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

jamble-music-mashupsSome of us march to the beat of a different drummer. Others dance down the street to a mashed up mix of sound loops and international hit song samples. If you belong to the second camp then Jamble Music Mashups is a simple app that will satisfy your need to blend music styles on the go.

Even before you've finished reading the 3-line instructions, Jamble Music Mashups will have you sounding like a professional audio mixologist. Tap a clip to start the beat, continue tapping album covers to add or remove clips as the music plays.

I enjoy a good beat, but I have zero instrumental training. Using the point-and-mix interface with the 24 included sample tracks, Jamble still managed to pump out a rockin' groove in spite of my limited amount of soul.

For mash-up authenticity, loops include a pretty broad range of musical styles. If you do happen to find a song you don't recognize, you can switch to the loop info page for the details and a link to buy the song (if available) on iTunes. Here is a short  list of included track in Jamble Music Mashups:

  • The Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up
  • Kardinal Offishall - Dangerous (feat Akon)
  • Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
  • Dirty Vegas - Days go By
  • David Bowie – Fashion
  • Boys Don't Cry - I Wanna Be A Cowboy
  • Georgio Moroder - The Chase
  • A Skillz and Krafty Cuts - Come Alive Now

24 loops sounds substantial, but I was quickly ready to add to my repertoire. Jamble says that additional loop packs will be available soon. Jamble Loop Packs will cost $4.99 for 16 additional tracks.

Jamble Music Mashups is lots of fun and a very promising start for an app with built-in growth. The only obvious omission is a way to save  and share your Jambles. Enjoy the music while it's playing because once it's over it's gone. The folks at No Robots Interactive say that this features is "high on our wish list." I agree.

With save and share and additional loops, Jamble Music Mashup will be a rock star app. Until then, it's still worthy of a download, but it's more of an opening act.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • No Robots Interactive

    Thanks for the great review, Barbara! We have stayed focused on making the app simple and seamless and we can tell the ease and quality of that experience has come through to you. Also, we've got awesome new loops coming that will blow your mind featuring artists like Lady Gaga, Kyle Minogue and Gwen Stefani.

    The good news is we're working on saving and sharing your Jambles right now.

  • Exocet Brainiac

    Appcraver gives an awesome review for Jamble:
    #iphone #apps (via @NoRobotsInt)

  • No Robots Interactive

    We're happy to announce that our new update to Jamble is now on the App Store. Save and share you mixes over Facebook, email or Twitter, get great new music, save your favourite loops to sets. Get it now:

  • Brandon

    Put the full verison back on the app store1