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Critix for Netflix
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There's nothing worse than putting a movie into your Netflix queue only to find out it's a complete waste of your time. Check that, there's nothing worse than shelling out money for a cinematic experience at your local movie theater only to be disappointed, but today we're talking about Critix for Netflix, the app that's going to help you bypass the duds at home or on the go.

Critix for Netflix is a simple tool that allows you to check the entire catalog on Netflix against the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) or Rotten Tomatoes to ensure you're putting quality and not just quantity into your queue. Of course, with Netflix, quality just isn't there sometimes so you'll be stuck with whatever B-rated movies they have until their 30-day deal with the powerful movie houses is up. Hopefully, Verizon's deal with Coinstar to bring streaming to Redbox's collection puts a bit of pressure on Netflix to offer up some newer content, earlier.

Back to Critix for Netflix. It's almost like an app for Netflix power users in that you can search the instant catalog by a variety of selections, including title, actor and keyword. And where the app really shines is it's ability to show you the movie's IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Netflix user review scores. It's a very solid tool for sifting through the junk. Of course, if you have an eclectic movie taste like me, then it's not always about the numbers. I have my dad to thank for this as he brought my brother and I to my first movie experience, "Raising Arizona." I was very young and didn't understand the cult classicness just yet so we all got up and walked out in the middle thinking it was the worst movie ever. It's now in my collection and I watch it once a year. Good stuff.

I also appreciate that Critix for Netflix allows you to delete movies from your queue with a swipe of your finger. This is probably one of the more annoying user experiences online or on Apple TV, but with this app it's a quick and easy process to keep your movie list fresh and updated. Lastly, searching the instant catalog is a breeze with the keyword search such as sci-fi, drama-films-that-feature-slightly-sparkling-vampires, epic-features-from-new-zealand-with-awesome-stories-from-middle-earth, etc. The results it pulls is highly accurate and shows you a list with the IMDb score at the right.

Overall, Critix for Netflix is not only a catchy name, but a highly powerful movie selection tool that's going to have you breezing through your Netflix instant queue and back to your cinematic experience in no time.

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