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cropulator iphone appIf you like taking and editing photos with your iPhone, you will appreciate the essence of Cropulator. Cropulator is one of those photo apps that you wish came standard with your iPhone.

Though its name sounds a bit risqué, Cropulator is a straightforward app. With Cropulator you can do the obvious, crop photos, plus you can rotate pictures and straighten crooked photos. After editing, you can easily save your creation in your photo album.  Cropulator works as described, though the user should be warned that when a photo is magnified by cropping you may get a grainy quality in the final product.

Unfortunately, Cropulator has no ninety degree rotation tool. Because you can only rotate a photo one degree at a time, it is awkward if not close to impossible to successfully rotate a landscape photo to portrait and vice versa using Cropulator.

The developer, Digital Film Tools, acknowledges a crashing problem with Cropulator based on a need for more system memory on your iPhone or iPod touch. They recommend restarting the iPhone to correct this issue.

If you have a Mac, you can easily edit your photos with iPhoto so you may not need this app. If you would like to edit photos directly on the iPhone, Cropulator does the trick if all you want to do is crop, rotate and straighten pictures.

In the end, though, Cropulator will leave you wanting. Most people who desire the ability to edit photos will look to a comprehensive app like Photogene. Photogene is more costly ($2.99), but it is a more well-rounded app. Not only does it perform the same tasks as Cropulator, it can also sharpen pictures, adjust color, add frames and provide a slew of other editing functions. If you want to edit pictures on your iPhone, it is worth increasing your spending allowance to purchase Photogene.

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  • Peter Moyer

    I am from Digital Film Tools and have a few issues that I would like to clear up.

    We don't have a crashing problem with the phone, most imaging apps require a good deal of memory to do their job. We recommend that you close unneeded apps by restarting your phone if you experience odd application behavior. Any app will crash if it runs out of memory, You will see that other photography apps have a similar disclaimer (including the one that you recommend in your review).

    We don't have a 90 deg rotation tool in this app (check the next update because we do listen to our customers) at this time nor do we state it on the product page. So trying to do something that it was not designed to do and then faulting us for it I feel was unfair.

    Any photo when cropped results in a smaller image, This happens in iPhone, Photoshop etc. Whenever you try and take a small section of an image and make it the size of the original image loss of image detail will occur.


  • JM

    Get PhotoHype instead. It's almost like Photogene but same price as Cropulator (0.99).

  • Mohan

    Hi there Peter Moyer,

    Glad that I could catch somebody from Cropulator dev team. I bought your app and it has a nasty bug.

    I myself is a serious blogger with constant need to upload pictures cropped to the specific dimensions required by the blog themes. So its vital for me to have a way to crop images by user defined dimensions. That is the main reason i purchased Cropulator. Sadly that's the only feature not working in that!

    I used it in my iPhone4 with firmware 4.1. If you open an image and try to crop by providing XY values (height and width), It will only process the X value irrespective of all the other settings. (Trust me. I tried everything!). Please fix this issue and provide with an update ASAP. I need it!

    Mohan Samarasinghe

  • Peter Moyer

    The problem you reported will be fixed in the next version of Cropulator. However, in the meantime, there is a simple workaround. Enter the Y value first, enter the X value and hit Crop.