Crossword Light is decent, but keyboard is annoying


If you like crosswords (as I do), you might wonder what the experience is like on the iPhone. The first app that I tried in this category, Crossword Light by Stand Alone Inc, was better than I expected, but not quite good enough that I would use the app on a regular basis.

On the positive side, the crossword subcategory is a good fit for the iPhone: because of the internet connection, you theoreticaly have access to an unlimited supply of puzzles, and its easy to correct any errors. In practice, its hard to squeeze the clues, the puzzle and the keyboard in such a small space. This app does a decent job of that, but you will find yourself zooming and panning as you try to complete the puzzle — not exactly an ideal experience.

I'm not sure what the solution is. I will give the developers credit for a very graphically pleasing attempt, but I just can't see myself getting addicted to iPhone crosswords just yet.

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