Crusher for iPhone


Crusher is a solid game. It incorporates decent graphics, great sound and strategy.

Crusher feels like a couple different games mixed into one. It mixes games like Bejeweled with centipede type games in which there is a cannon at the bottom and you shoot upward toward a target.

With Crusher you actually shoot gems up toward other gems. When they get there, they stick. The point of the game is to clear a board before it comes down to the bottom and crushes you.

When you get the gems in place and they are touching, they are removed from the board.

It is actually one of the better free games I’ve played lately. The controls are decent. But the strategy of trying to figure out how to best “clean up” the board is what the game is really about.

Most people will see this game as a version of Bejeweled, but really there is no cascading effect like in Bejeweled. It makes the game much different.

I say give this one a whirl.

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