Crystal Clear is addictive, mind-clearing fun

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crystal-clear-iphone-appCrystal Clear is so easy that everything you need to know about the game is included in its title. Clear the crystals from the board. That's it. For an extra challenge, you can try to get a higher score by clearing the sparkling crystals first or by increasing your speed. Honestly though, this game isn't about strategy it's about quick reflexes and fast moves.

In short, Crystal Clear has everything it needs to be an addictive time sucker — super simple instructions, catchy sounds effects and instant gratification with levels that are short enough to fit in between floors on the elevator. However, from personal experience I'd like to warn you that you may want to plan on playing this app for more than a few minutes at a time. Much like Lay's potato chips, I bet you can't play just one.

A quick glance at the instructions — touch or swipe two crystals of the same color — and you're ready to go. Unless you're trying play on the down low, leave the sound on. The tinkling of recently cleared crystals is immensely gratifying especially as your moves get faster.

To truly succeed at Crystal Clear, you'll need to find your groove — that sweet space where you and the game connect beyond strategy and thought. High scores come when you let go of planning your next move and simply move, clearing crystals nearly as fast as new ones fall. Like a new mantra — clear your head, clear the crystals, wax on, wax off.

The game will keep track of your highest score. I'd like to see an online leaderboard where I can compare my scores to other players. Also, it would be nice to have some sort of multi-player over WiFi version. This is the kind of game, where I could lose some serious time. The ability to play with a friend would make it a little easier to convince your significant other that Crystal Clear really is quality time.

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