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Crystal War Blood Field
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Crystal War Blood FieldCrystal War Blood Field is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that is the sequel to Crystal War, which became quite popular among mobile gamers. The one thing missing was the ability to game against other fans. Now, by popular demand, multi-player in real-time is available. Even better, the iOS game still delivers on all facets, making it a sure hit among new and veteran fans.

As with the original, gameplay is smooth, engaging and built around a fairly elaborate storyline, which starts with the Goblins unifying after 100 years. The new leader, a four-armed monstrosity abandoned at birth, "Black Chuck Houser" has used his unsurmountable will to survive, overwhelming power, and unrivaled cunning to fuel his unprecedented rise to the top of the Goblin ranks. You are the only person that stands in his way. 

As with the RTS genre, Crystal War Blood Field tasks you with mining crystals, building defenses and demolishing your opponents. From the start, the player has to be very aggressive in attacking the opponents as they're very difficult to overtake and as the levels progress so do their defenses. This becomes quite the predicament and can only be overtaken by the game's built-in RPG theme that allows you to level up as you gain experience. It makes for a nice RTS and RPG hybrid, but also makes it essential to better equip your character with increased skills.

The human army features an assortment of characters, including the miners as well as the soliders. In all, there are 16 unique units. On the other side, the Goblins have a group of 13 units, including trolls and the terrifying Balrog. Each unit offers its own set of characteristics and abilities.

This wide selection of options is what makes Crystal War Blood Field a truly interesting game that will put your ability to strategize to the test. I'd suggest playing a few rounds to get the hang of it and then hit up the network gameplay and go agains some real opponents. It's a blast.

Overall, Crystal War Blood Field does a great job of smashing together the best details and intricacies of both RPG and RTS for a stellar castle defense game. You're going to be pleasantly surprised at the amount of gameplay there is and how it will demand your attention, especially when making the decision to sit back and glide through or build up and conquer.

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