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CSI: Miami™
Developer: Gameloft
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csi miami iphone appFrom veteran game developer Gameloft comes CSI: Miami, the official mobile game based on the popular TV series.

As Lieutenant Horatio Caine you are walked through the investigation by cartoon likenesses of the real characters from the show. And, just like in the show, the game starts out at the scene of a murder, this time a dead woman's body that has washed up on the beach. From then on, through the four "chapter" span of CSI: Miami, you encounter related victims and crime scenes, perform autopsies, interrogate suspects, gather evidence, and use scientific investigation tools to find the culprit.

Like many games based on films and television shows CSI: Miami is heavy on the imaging and a bit light on the game-play.

It's true that in CSI: Miami you get to hunt for clues, search buildings, and use various tools to gather evidence, but it soon becomes clear that the game aspect is second to the storyline. For the most part you just tap your way through bubbles of dialogue and take orders from the other characters who are guiding you. Every now and again you get to make a choice or two but if you don't choose correctly the game just goes in circles until you do.

The "mini-games" that you unlock through the course of CSI: Miami, such as the DNA sequencing or the lock picking games, seem to try to make up for this fact, however, in the end, their simplicity may leave something to be desired for any real gamer.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of CSi:Miami then you are in for a real treat. There are featured quotes taken from the actual characters as well as real video clips that can be unlocked as you make your way through the investigation.

For the most part the strictly linear development makes playing CSI a lot like watching the show, except the characters voices are different and you get to control the pace a bit. In that way CSI: Miami is perfect for fans but not so much for anyone with their heart set on playing a video game. If you are someone who has seen all the episodes and is invested in the characters, then CSI: Miami is right up your alley. As for everyone else, I would suggest sticking with the TV show for now.

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