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Custom Sounds of Nature (SALE) (AppStore Link)
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Custom Sounds of Nature (SALE)
Developer: Dataware Corporation
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Custom Sounds of Nature iPhone screenshotCreating that perfect sound you desire for deep relaxation has never been easier. Custom Sounds of Nature by IPZN DEVELOPMENT (Zachary Carter) lets you choose and edit numerous relaxing audio landscapes. If you’re looking for an affordable way to create an ambiance of sound to help you sleep, work, relax or anything else this 99-cent app may be what you're looking for.

Once loaded, Custom Sounds of Nature gives you six main categories to choose from. Calm Ocean, Thunderstorm, Night Sensation, Mountain Stream, Rain Forest and Under the Ocean. After choosing one of the main categories you are given the option to turn on or off and adjust the volume of four sound loops that coincide with the main category. This truly gives you total control over what you want to hear and how much. A few examples of Custom Sounds of Nature's secondary sounds include owl, soft rain, heavy rain, distant waterfall, dolphins and wind chimes. Mix and match these sounds to create your personal relaxation bubble!

Besides being extremely customizable, Custom Sounds of Nature has additional settings in the options menu. The most useful being the timer. Timer settings allows you to specify a certain length you would like your nature sounds to play (perfect if using it to fall asleep or you only want a ten minute relaxation session). The Customize Mode allows you to save your sound settings for future use. If you have only adjusted one of the categories it helps to be descriptive in the name since each bookmark saves all six of the categories settings.

I did dislike a few aspects of Custom Sounds of Nature — although for an app that costs less than a buck these are not deal breakers. The “Main Page” layout is simple and easy to understand while other pages seem cluttered and their layouts not well organized. If just glancing through the options the Timer Setting does not appear to be a button. As I mentioned above, the Bookmark feature takes a bit of understanding to fully utilize. Also, Custom Sounds of Nature takes up roughly 42 megabytes of space. This is less than Ambiance's 114MB, but it still seems like a bit much.

Overall, Custom Sounds of Nature is a great app if you're looking for some soothing sounds to always have at your disposal.

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